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Managing your prescription benefits just got easier. Ditch the paperwork and switch to digital!

LDI makes accessing your prescription information easy and intuitive with our member portal. The mobile app is a convenient way to take advantage of your pharmacy benefits anytime, anywhere.

Using the latest technology, the LDI Rx Member Portal and App make it easy to find and track your prescription information. To access the LDI Rx Member Portal, click here or download the mobile app for iOS or Android.

With the LDI Member Portal you can:

Easily locate nearby network pharmacies with the enhanced search tool integrated with Google Maps. Looking for a drive-thru pharmacy? Need a 24-hour pharmacy? Simply filter by your desired preference.

Access an electronic pharmacy ID card with one click. View or print your temporary ID card to use at a retail pharmacy.

Conveniently view past prescription claims with LDI. Filter by medication name or predefined date ranges, and find information including fill date, drug name, pharmacy and more.

Review in-depth information on any medication including indications, scheduling, side effects and drug or food interactions.

LDI Rx Member Portal

Important: On February 23, 2018, LDI launched a new, enhanced member portal. Because the portal uses new technology, all members will need to create a new portal account.

You can now view your Prescription History with LDI Mail Order Pharmacy by enrolling in our new online mail order program.

The following features are available with our new mail order program:

    • Point & Click Online Prescription Ordering
    • Online Prescription/Order Tracking (USPS & UPS)
    • Email Confirmation of Order Process & Order Shipment
    • Online Prescription Profile Management:
    • View Last Date Filled
    • View Next Eligible Date

You must have your AR number to register. Your AR number can be found in the top right hand corner of your invoice. If you do not have an invoice call (314) 652-1121 or toll free (866) 516-1121 for your AR number. Then click here to register.