Members > Pharmacy Benefit Management

LDI is committed to providing our members with excellent pharmacy benefits. Caring for you and your family's health is an ever-changing task. LDI has a history of making the process easier for our valued members.

LDI provides a wealth of services to its members including mail service prescriptions shipped within 48 hours of receipt and integrated call centers with highly trained customer service representatives providing exceptional performance, service and attention to customer needs.

Services for Members

  • Disease Management
  • Wellness Programs
  • Patient Education
  • Therapeutic Substitution
  • Mail Order Pharmacy Service
  • Specialty Pharmacy Service
  • 24 Hour Help Desk and In House Customer Care Call Center
  • Nationwide Participating Network Pharmacies
  • Web Services for Members

Helpful Hints

  • Use a LDI Network Pharmacy.  Remember, if you use a non-participating retail pharmacy, you will pay full price for each prescription.
  • Ask for generics.  By law, both brand-name drugs and generic drugs must meet the same standards for safety, purity, strength, and quality.
  • Remind your doctor to write “90-day supply”, when clinically appropriate, for maintenance medications that are purchased through LDI’s Mail Service Program.

Money Saving Tips
Check your prescription before leaving your doctor’s office to make sure that:

  • The doctor’s name is legible
  • The doctor’s phone number and address are on the prescription
  • The exact daily dosage is indicated
  • The exact strength is indicated
  • The exact quantity with number of refills is indicated
  • The full first name and last name of the patient are legible