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As newer more costly drugs are marketed each day, plans are continually challenged to maintain benefits. LDI is committed to working with you to help you achieve your objectives and attain results. Our strengths are meeting, defining and resolving the challenges that face healthcare pharmacy benefits.

LDI Strategies for strengthening plan management include:

Customized Plan Designs
At LDI, we customize each prescription drug plan in accordance with the desires of our client. Each plan is analyzed by LDI to incorporate client needs and to take advantage of LDI's expertise in planning prescription benefit programs.

Formulary Management
At LDI, we consider formulary management the cornerstone of a successful plan design. Aggressive formulary management determines future plan costs, co-payment structure, member participation, drug utilization and rebate dollars.

Formulary Selection
An integral part of the strategic plan design is the selection of pharmaceuticals used within the plan. A committee of physicians, pharmacologists and pharmacists select drugs by therapeutic classification. Generic drugs utilization has a direct relationship to cost controls.

To help you monitor plan progress and track results, we provide detailed reporting on a bi-monthly, monthly and quarterly basis. These tools provide critical information including plan activity summaries, cost analysis, drug utilization and compliance-to-plan guidelines.