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RxView for Clients

RxView is a secure web-based application that provides employers with access to their employees' prescription benefit information. The program allows you to update member data such as eligibility, termination, contact information, and identification information. The application also allows you to order new id cards and view claim history.

The application is intended for client use and does not use industry-specific terminology, acronyms, abbreviations, or codes, therefore the program is very user friendly and clients can be fully operational in RxView with a very limited amount of training.

RxView allows you to:

  • Search for a member
  • View eligibility information
  • Order member ID cards
  • Edit or add member demographic information
  • Term or change eligibility dates of members
  • View claims history

How to Register for RxView Client Services:

Contact your account manager to register for client services portal. Or simply send an email to servicecenter@LDIRx.com along with your contact information. Your account manager will contact you with registration information.

Click here for more information about Rx Services for Members and E-Prescription Refills.